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  • Additional Sample Informed Consent: An additional sample informed consent has been created for adult subjects for research where Rady Children's Hospital - San Diego is a site of performance. The sample consent can be found on the Biomedical Research forms page. (Released 4/4/16)
  • Additional Sample Informed Consent Forms and Wording About Changes to Harm Clause/HIPAA Authorization: Three additional sample informed consent forms for studies associated with exempt studies or studies associated with paper or online surveys have been created. In addition, wording regarding changes to the subject harm clause and HIPAA authorization indicating requests for changes cannot be honored has been provided. The sample consents for paper or online surveys can be found on the Biomedical Research forms page and SBS Research forms page. The exempt consent can be found on the Exempt Status forms page. The wording regarding changes to the harm clause and HIPAA authorization can be found on the Biomedical Research forms page. (Released 3/14/16)
  • Change in Fee Schedule for Commercially Sponsored Clinical Trials: Effective immediately, there will be a change in the fee schedule for UCSD IRB review of commercially sponsored clinical trials to reflect a flat rate of $3510 for an initial review and $3510 for each 10-year resubmission (treated as a "new" project review by the IRB) and $1300 for each annual continuing review. More information can be found on the HRPP Fact Sheet, "Institutional Review Board (IRB) Fees for Commercially Sponsored Projects" located here. (Released 2/19/16)
  • Updated SOPP: The SOPP, section 3.19, Collaboration with Other UCSD Committees, has been updated to reflect the current procedures associated with the collaboration between the IRB/HRPP and the Moores Cancer Center Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee (PRMC). The updated SOPP can be found on the SOPP page. (Released 1/5/16)
  • New Fact Sheet and Updated SOPP: A new Fact Sheet has been created regarding research methods courses in the Social and Behavioral Sciences. In addition, SOPP, section 3.4 Informed Consent, has been updated to include links to the UCSD short form and Experimental Subject's Bill of Rights translated into Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinse (both Simple and Traditional), Arabic, and Somali. The Fact Sheet can be found on the Fact Sheets page. The updated SOPP can be found on the SOPP page and information regarding procedures associated with the use of the short form (also found in the SOPP) can be found at https://irb.ucsd.edu/short_form_consent.shtml. (Released 11/17/15)
  • One-on-One Advising Sessions: The HRPP is introducing 15-minute, One-on-One advising sessions. These sessions will be done once a month and are designed for investigators, study staff, and students conducting research involving human subjects to obtain guidance from HRPP staff. For more information, please see the Training page. (Released 3/18/13)
  • Secondary Use of Existing Data/Specimens Requires IRB Approval or Certificate of Exemption Reminder: Investigators and study staff are reminded that the secondary use of existing data/specmens including review of existing medical records, student records, accessing computer databases that have been produced from previous studies, etc., requires IRB approval or Certification of Exemption from IRB review. For more information about this, please see the HRPP Fact Sheet, Research Involving the Use of Existing Data/Specimens. (Released 11/28/12)
  • Submitting Documents to the IRB/HRPP Reminder: The IRB/HRPP does not accept study-related documents by e-mail. All documents must be uploaded to the appropriate project number through "My Protocols at a Glance" using e-IRB services on the HRPP website or may be provided hard copy only if the document requires the signature of the PI, Department Chair and/or Submitter. Or if a copy of the stamped, approved consent/assent that is currently in use is being provided for Continuing Review. If the PI has appropriate means to convert each document into a PDF, such as a document scanner, then each document can be submitted via the web. (Released 8/24/2012)
  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) information for researchers. Details here...
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