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With todayís busy lifestyles, itís easy to forget to take time for ourselves.  The breast health specialists at Moores UCSD Cancer Center want to help you by providing monthly reminders to do your breast self-exams (BSE) and/or annual reminders to schedule your clinical breast exam and mammogram.  Doing these three simple things can help you detect breast cancer early, when itís most treatable.  Just type in the information requested below and youíll receive reminders by e-mail, along with important breast health information from UCSD experts and links to other informative sites. 

Not sure if you need a mammogram? Check with your doctor, or check the American Cancer Society's guidelines

Not sure what time of the month is best to do a self-exam?  About a week after your period ends is best, when your breasts are not tender.  If you have irregular periods, do BSE on the same day each month. 

Registering for Breast Health Reminders

You can choose to receive a monthly self-exam reminder, an annual mammogram and clinical exam reminder, or both.  You will receive an immediate confirmation of your choices by e-mail, and future reminders by e-mail on the dates you choose. 

(Note: If you already are registered for this service, and wish to change or cancel it, simply enter your e-mail and your new preferences. Cancel it by unchecking the breast exam and mammogram checkboxes.) 

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annual mammogram and clinical exam reminder:
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Questions about this reminder service?  Check our Frequently Asked Questions Page

Please note that this automated reminder service provides general health information  and is not intended to replace the advice of a physician.