Using Safari for Mac to complete and upload Social and Behavioral Application Facesheets

1. Navigate to the Social and Behavioral Research Forms page (1) and download the Standard Fachsheets for SBS Research (2).

2. The Facesheets are a PDF file and will download and open in Preview.

3. Either "right click" or "control + click" on the PDF. In the box that opens, click on Open with Adobe Acrobat Pro or Open with Adobe Reader.

4. Ensure the PDF opens in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.

5. Complete the form and "Click Here to Print" to print a copy of the completed form (1). If you wish to save a copy of the Facesheets, save a copy now. Then "Click Here to Submit Data via Web," and the form should "reconnect" with Safari, and the information from the form will be uploaded to the HRPP database (2). Please do not close Safari before you click to submit.

6. If you have successfully uploaded the Facesheets, you will receive a confirmation. Congratulations. As noted on the confirmation, once the information from the Facesheets has been imported into the HRPP database, usually within 1-2 working days, the project will receive a permanent HRPP project number, and you will receive an e-mail noting the HRPP project number.