Submit a New Social and Behavioral Project Application

1. Navigate to the Forms page (1) and click on Social and Behavioral Sciences Forms, New Application/Re-submission (2).

2. On the Social and Behavioral Research Forms page, click on the Applicaiton instructions (1). You may also wish to review the Letter to SBS investigators (2).

3. The Application Instructions describe what informatin is requested by the IRB to complete the Research Plan.

4. Now download the Word template of the Research Plan. This document contains heading for each of the areas on which the IRB bases its determination regarding approval of the study.

5. Fill in the template document with the information requested by the Application Instructions and save it to your computer.

6. Create your consent document(s) in Word for Windows format. Save the informed consent(s) and adolescent and/or child assents, if needed, on your computer. You will have the opportunity to upload each consent or assent separately. Examples of consent/assent documents can be found on the SBS forms page.

7. Obtain any additional documents (questionnaires, recruitment materials, etc.), as appropriate, and have them ready and saved on your computer.

8. Once your Research Plan, consent/assent and other documents are ready and saved on your computer, download and complete the Standard Facesheets for SBS research.

9. The Facesheets include instructions for printing and submitting the document (1) and for mailing a copy of the Facesheets signed by the PI and the Department Chair (and the faculty supervisor, as appropriate) unless it can be provided as an uploaded document through eIRB services (2).

10. Complete the forme and "Click Here to Print" to print a copy of the completed form for signatures and your record (1). If you wish to save a copy of the Facesheets, save a copy now. Then "Click Here to Submit Data via Web" and the information from the form will be uploaded to the HRPP database (2).

11. If you have successfully uploaded the Facesheets, you will receive a confirmation. Congratulations. As noted on the confirmation, once the information from the Facesheets has been imported into the HRPP database, usually within 1-2 working days, the project will receive a permanent HRPP project number, and you will receive an e-mail noting the HRPP project number.

12. After you have received your HRPP permanent project number, you will then need to login through eIRB services.

13. Click on My Protocols at a Glance.

14. Click on the link for your "new" project.

15. Click on Upload document(s) for an initial review/re-submission.

16. You may now begin to upload your documents to your "new" project. Please remember that documents can only be uploaded individually and not as a "zip" file.