UCSD Human Research Protections Program

How to Submit a New SBS Science Project Application

Social and Behavioral Science Studies typically conducted by UCSD faculty, staff, and students affiliated with the UCSD campus

  1. Download the Instructions for filling out the Research Plan template.
  2. Download a Word template for describing your Research Plan. This is the document that contains contains headings for each of the areas on which the IRB must base its judgment of safety and ethics.
  3. Fill in the template document using the Instructions, the same way you would if producing a paper submission and save it on your computer. The difference between the e-IRB and paper-based review process is that you will upload this Word document to this website rather than print multiple copies of it.
  4. Create your consent document(s) in Word for Windows format. Save the informed consent(s) and adolescent or child assents, if needed, one consent document per file, on your computer. You will have the opportunity to upload each consent or assent separately.
  5. Once your Research Plan document and consents are ready and saved on your workstation, fill out the SBS Application Facesheets. These facesheets are in Adobe Acrobat format and must be submitted online via your web browser. Please note that Facesheets signed by the Principal Investigator, Department Chair and Faculty Advisor (if appropriate) is required as a hardcopy submission unless it can be provided as an uploaded document. If provided as a hardcopy document, the document should be mailed to the HRPP Office, mailcode, 0052. (Macintosh users please note: the online PDF form may be uploaded using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat or Reader, Version X, and the latest version of Safari, Firefox or Chrome. To obtain the latest version of Adobe Reader, go to www.adobe.com . When installing the latest Reader, please ensure that the Reader is chosen as the default PDF reader. If you are using Chrome for Mac, you will need to disable the built-in PDF viewer. Per Google, "To disable the built-in viewer, enter about:plugins in the address bar and click Disable underneath the entry for 'Chrome PDF Viewer.' The Adobe Reader plug-in will automatically be enabled, if you have it installed." For step-by-step instructions for using Safari, please see here . For step-by-step instructions for using Firefox, please see here . For step-by-step instructions for using Chrome, please see here .)
  6. When you submit the Facesheets online, the system will give you a Temporary Project ID (a "T-number"). Once your information has been imported into the HRPP database, usually within 1-2 working days, the project will receive a HRPP project number, and you will receive an e-mail noting the HRPP project number. You will then need to log into your "My Protocols at a Glance" through eIRB services . Click on the link for your "new" project and you may begin to upload your documents.
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