UCSD Human Research Protections Program

IRB Meeting Dates

Under federal regulations, the institution must demonstrate sufficient member expertise, and that there is appropriate representation at the meeting for each protocol under review. This includes ensuring that at least one person who is knowledgeable about, or experienced in, working with a specific field or with a vulnerable population, for instance, will present at a meeting where such protocols are reviewed.

Only complete submissions will be assigned to an IRB agenda. Submissions will only be considered complete if all materials including signed application face sheet, completed Research Plan, Master Protocol (as applicable), consent documentation, etc. are submitted. The same applies to continuing review documentation: to be considered complete, signed Continuing Review Facepages, Narrative, consent documentation, as appropriate, etc. must be received approximately 45 days prior to expiration for consideration to be placed on an IRB agenda in order to assure no lapse in IRB approval.

Typically, the PI can expect to receive the results of the review of a submission within the following timeframes:


Type of Review Receive Results
Full Committee Review 6 - 8 weeks
Expedited Review (these are not assigned to the IRB agenda) 2 - 6 weeks
Exempt (these are not assigned to the IRB agenda) 1 - 2 weeks

IRB Meeting Dates*

Meeting Date Committee
October 3, 2019 A
October 3, 2019 D - Pediatrics
October 10, 2019 O - Oncology
October 17, 2019 B
October 24, 2019 C
October 24, 2019 O - Oncology
November 7, 2019 A
November 7, 2019 D - Pediatrics
November 12, 2019 B
November 12, 2019 C
November 14, 2019 O - Oncology
December 5, 2019 A
December 5, 2019 D - Pediatrics
December 10, 2019 C
December 12, 2019 B
December 12, 2019 O - Oncology
Meeting Date Committee
October 1, 2019 S
November 5, 2019 S
December 3, 2019 S
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